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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Ian Austin RESIGNS From Labour

As the so-called Independent Group attracts more ridicule than serious analysis, mainly due to the slipperiness of Chuka Umunna and the likes of Angela Smith having her “funny tinge” moment live on TV, the question is asked: who is going to resign next?
Ian Austin MP. But no longer Labour

Well, the Tories answered that one this morning as three of their MPs departed the party and crossed the floor. Labour supplied an eighth MP as Joan Ryan, already subjected to a vote of no confidence by her CLP, joined them. Would there be any more?

And Zelo Street can reveal that, yes there will. Well, one more, anyway. And the name in the frame, to no surprise at all, is Dudley North MP Ian Austin. Yes, you read it here first: Ian Austin has resigned from the Labour Party.

So why has no mainstream media outlet picked up on the news? Simples. Austin has done the deed, but appears to be waiting for tomorrow morning to ride the wave of the breaking news cycle. Well, tough titty, eh? Because the news is out here. Now.
Why is he going? Also, Simples. His majority in 2017 was a wafer-thin 22 votes, and I’m reliably informed that he is now getting jittery about possible deselection, as there has been a surge in local party membership, and he fears that means more Corbyn supporters, many of whom will be potentially hostile to him.

So there you have it. The ninth Labour MP to quit is Ian Austin. The PFJ lives!
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Julia Hartley Dooda WRONG On Honda

Whenever another piece of bad Brexit related news arrives, the hardcore leavers, those who have committed themselves to continued consumption of Kool-Aid to the exclusion of any and all reason, instantly fire up the spin machine and tell anyone who is still listening that it isn’t really happening. No bad news can possibly be attributed to Brexit; this is an ideal that is without downsides and only Bitter Remoaners™ suggest otherwise.
We know who you are, thanks
So it was that self-promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Brewer heard the bad news about Honda pulling the plug on its Swindon factory with the loss of 3,500 jobs and declared that it was not down to Brexit, not at all. “Oh look. Why Honda is set to shut its Swindon factory - written by people who actually *know* about the car industry. Spoiler alert: they make diesel cars at that factory & no one wants to buy them anymore”.
Off she went, clearly satisfied with seeing off all those Bitter Remoaners™ once more. However, and here we encounter a significantly sized however, (a) the article she cites is clearly marked OPINION, (b) it contains the nugget “Is Brexit uncertainty a factor? Almost certainly”, and (c) the diesel reference - which is disputed - is “Honda’s Swindon engine plant produced diesel engines”. It does NOT say the plant “make(s) diesel cars”.
Still, Journalism 101, eh? How tiresome. As any fule kno, Ms Hartley Dooda’s opinion is the same as real facts - well, to her, anyway. This was evident when one Tweeter responded “Actually their biggest seller is the civic and only 12% have diesel engines so shh you have no idea” to which she countered “Read the article. The author may know more than you”. But the author was talking ABOUT THE ENGINE PLANT. Not cars.
Blissfully unaware that she had not bothered to do her research properly (again), Ms Hartley Dooda then decided to tell the world how important she was. “I’m on a ski slope all day, just come back from dinner, bad wifi & it took me 30 seconds to find this information. How come not one single Remoaner sitting at their desk has managed to find it out in *hours*? It’s almost as if... oh my goodness... they don’t care about facts”.
Listen up, plebs, she’s GONE SKIING for half term because it’s VERY EXPENSIVE and she’s VERY IMPORTANT. But she still hasn’t bothered to do her research. Andrew Denney was not impressed. “‘It took me 30 seconds to find something I believed supported a position I already held  so I didn’t need need to look at anything else and I also chose to ignore the part that suggested Brexit uncertainty was almost certainly a factor’. And people takes this woman seriously?” Well, one person does - Herself Personally Now.
In any case, the highly reliable Otto English had done some research. “It took Julia 30 seconds to confirm her bias. I've spent an hour on it. And she's wrong. Swindon Honda produces VTEC turbo petrol engines and stopped diesel production months ago. In the words of an employee ‘diesel has F all to do with it’..... 30 seconds is not research”.
Well, it is for Ms Hartley Dooda, and she’s a VERY IMPORTANT REAL JOURNALIST! Sadly for her, Otto English had another slice of bad news. “For financial year 2018/19, the breakdown of cars built at Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd is Diesel 6% and Petrol 94%”. No, not 12% diesel. Only 6%. She didn’t do her research. Now she is bust.

Julia Hartley Dooda - why British journalism is so poorly regarded. No change there, then.
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Shamima Begum And Tory Desperation

Shamima Begum, one of three teenage girls who left their homes to join ISIS, or whatever it’s called this week, was 15 when she left Britain. She has since married a convert to Islam who comes from the Netherlands, and last weekend gave birth to her third child in a Syrian refugee camp. Now just 19, she has said that she wants to come home.
Shamima Begum

But opportunist Home Secretary Sajid Javid had other ideas. Seeing a group of MPs walk out on the Labour Party, and with three pro-EU Tories following them, he has clearly sensed that getting our free and fearless press to “look over there” would be most beneficial, both to the Tories and his prospects of succeeding Theresa May as Prime Minister. So he has made Ms Begum stateless.
She is a British citizen, and not a dual national. So stripping her of her British citizenship is a breach of international law, as well as setting a dangerous precedent. Small wonder that the BBC has now reportedThe family of Shamima Begum, who joined the Islamic State group in Syria aged 15, say they plan to challenge the move to strip her of UK citizenship … Her family's lawyer, Tasnime Akunjee, said they were considering ‘all legal avenues’ to contest the decision”. So what is the official Government excuse?
Government sources said it was possible to strip the 19-year-old of British nationality as she was eligible for citizenship of another country”. However, “Ms Begum is believed to be of Bangladeshi heritage but when asked by the BBC, she said she did not have a Bangladesh passport and had never been to the country”. Also, what happens if Bangladesh declines to award citizenship to her?
Sure, the right-leaning press is loving it. Yay to kick out another of those Scary Muslims™! But pandering to the xenophobes, Islamophobes and downright racists is not the same as meeting Britain’s obligations within the law. Hence the welter of adverse comment when the news of Javid’s decision was made public.
Charles Lister observed “The #UK has revoked #ISIS wife Shamima Begum's citizenship … That would suggest she holds a dual nationality -- otherwise, I believe the UK just broke international law…?” She doesn’t, so it did. Ross McCafferty was on the same track. “1) Is this even legal? 2) Sajid Javid really will do *anything* to become PM, won't he?” Quite.
Zubaida Haque asked the obvious questions: “Just the other day the Justice Secretary @DavidGauke admitted that the UK couldn’t make its citizens stateless. Why is it when it comes to BME ppl’s citizenship rights this govt doesn’t think twice of taking it away?” And Priyamvada Gopal warned “People of colour being pious about Shamima being stripped of citizenship: today, ISIS and her, tomorrow you/yours and some random thing they decide is a problem without a trial”. Theresa May’s record here is not a reassuring one.
And Rosie, otherwise known as The Little Leftie, showed that while many papers can’t see the point, 16-year-olds can. “I’m sure many of us felt sickened watching the interview but I can’t help but think this is the wrong decision. The fact that she thinks ISIS has made her stronger shows that she desperately needs to undergo deradicalisation - this will only create further resentment to the UK”. Dead right it will.

Sajid Javid is now recruiting for ISIS. But he may become PM, so that’s all right, then.
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Corbyn Biographer’s Anti-Semitism EXPOSED

While the Pundit Establishment queues up to endorse the claim by those MPs leaving the Labour Party that their former political home is beset by anti-Semitism, it is clear that rather too many pundits are getting a free pass on their bigotry - notably from the broadcasters. First it was BBC Politics Live leaving guest Ash Sarkar to call out now allegedly independent MP Angela Smith; now ITV has joined the fray.
Tom Bower

This time it was, by definition, not a highbrow politics show. ITV Good Morning Britain, the network’s breakfast offering, was without its usual roster of hosts during the half-term break, so on Monday their team was led by Richard Madeley. Guesting, and discussing recent political events, were Mike Segalov, and Tom Bower, author of the hatchet job on Jeremy Corbyn currently being serialised by the Mail on Sunday.

Aaron Bastani has posted the video clip which shows how Bower made a blatant and crude anti-Semitic outburst. And this morning, the rest of the mainstream media doesn’t seem bothered about it. One wonders if there would have been the sound of crickets if the anti-Semitic remark had come from a Corbyn supporter, rather than his unofficial biographer.

Madeley can be heard saying “Labour MPs didn’t want him as leader”, after which Segalov responds “Sure, but the membership does. There’s one of the largest political parties in Western Europe, 500,000 people, twice they have voted him as Labour leader”. Kate Garraway interjected. “He didn’t deal with the anti-Semitism thing, which is the reason why MPs mat well today resign”. Segalov did not agree with her assertion.

Well, I’d say that he has. If you look at what’s been done already, the Chakrabarti report has been …”. At this point, Bower woke up: “It was a whitewash”. Segalov continued. “I hope … I take anti-Semitism incredibly seriously, I’m Jewish and …”. Bower then dropped his anti-Semitic remark: “You are a self-hating Jew, to represent Corbyn”. Segalov protested that he is not representing Jezza: “I’m a journalist”.
Mike Segalov

Bower, now fully awake, continued to smear and rant. “You’re not, you’re a spokesman for Corbyn”. Segalov protested further. “That’s an incredibly offensive thing to say, calling me a self-hating Jew and suggesting I’m in the employ of anyone but newspapers …”. It was. And it had come from the Mail on Sunday’s prize source of the moment.

Tom Bower - already widely regarded as a Murdoch stooge - has now shown the world that he is prepared to indulge openly in crude anti-Semitism. Had that remark come from anyone even distantly linked to the Labour leadership, there would have been hell to pay, and rightly so. Now that the MoS’ star turn has ventured across the anti-Semitism line in no style at all, there should also be hell to pay. But there won’t be.

The MoS will keep on serialising his Corbyn hatchet job. The payments will keep rolling in. And the Pundit Establishment will keep on telling the world that anti-Semitism doesn’t really warrant their attention unless it happens in the Labour Party.

The Mail on Sunday also gives a regular berth to Dan “useful Jewish idiot” Hodges. Anyone might conclude that the paper has a problem. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

UKIP Aide ENDORSES Anti-Semitism

While our free and fearless press is bashing the Labour Party and claiming that lifelong anti-racist Jeremy Corbyn suddenly came over all racist when he became party leader in 2015, the remaining saloon bar propper-uppers at UKIP are doing casual racism properly, rather than Labour which, mainly, isn’t really doing it at all.
We know this after failed amateur kidnapper Daniel Thomas, so revealingly brought to the top Kipper table to sit at the left hand of new leader Adolf von Batten, has been indulging in  not just excusing anti-Semitism, but wholeheartedly endorsing it. Whether Thomas has the intellectual capacity to realise this is not known. But he’s indulging in it nevertheless.
Thomas observed the split from Labour of seven MPs yesterday and decided he would try and make some capital from it. “And the left call us ‘Nazi’s’ [sic] … Where is the outcry in support for the Jewish community, but when UKIP leader Gerard shows support for Tommy he is a far right racist … It’s all falling apart for labour... #StopTheHate #SupportTheJews”.
Daniel Thomas calling for others to “stop the hate” is particularly rich, but hey ho. In the meantime, however, Thomas was being admonished by his own side, in the person of one James Young, who claims to be a “constitutionalist” (Britain does not have a written constitution) and is in favour of a WTO Brexit, which won’t happen as the UK’s application to the WTO was rejected last Autumn. But hey, details, eh?
I support the normal working jew, however I do not support the Zionist jews who control the central banks!” he responded, thus veering across the anti-Semitism line in no style at all. Clinton Baptiste decided to tell him so. “So. You’re an anti-Semite James. And so are you Danneh. You support the normal working Jew? Hitler blamed the worldwide Zionist financial conspiracy for the hell Germany was in after WW1 and look how that turned out. You’re nothing more than a Nazi in M&S clothes”. Ouch!
James Young protested. “How can you accuse me or being anti Semitic when I’ve said I support the working jew? So no you haven’t stated a fact, you’ve come out with complete bull shit!” Baptiste wasn’t swallowing that. “So. A Jew that works in Sainsbury’s is a good Jew but one that works in the banking sector is a bad Jew? Can you not see the problem with your anti Semitic statement?” Good and bad Jews - a classic anti-Semitic trope.
Young just dug himself in deeper with “The elite jews like Rothschilds and Soros who I am primarily referring to!” Put a fork in him, he’s done. But in the meantime, Thomas had responded to Young’s statement about “the ordinary working Jew” with “Agree!!!” He had endorsed a basic and blatant anti-Semitic comment.
So what has Batten done about that? As if you need to ask. He’s done nothing. He’s too busy peddling racist lies, like “Now ITV News now giving prime time coverage to the ISIS bride for whom it all went wrong - they lost! Of all the stories that could be covered in 30 mins of news this is deemed of prime importance. I guess she’ll end up with a council house & on benefits before long”. What a sad, whinging bigot.

Meanwhile one of his aides cheers on an anti-Semite and he does nothing. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Tommy Robinson Says Racist Attack ISN’T

Still indulging in a little low level paranoia, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has made another of his increasingly clumsy interventions, this time in the case of a nailed-on racist attack, which resulted in nailed-on racist graffiti being painted on the door of a father and son who had only days earlier moved into the property.
As the Guardian has reported, “Politicians in Salford have said more needs to be done to drive racism from communities after a graffiti attack on the home of a 10-year-old boy and his father - and before a rally by the anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson is due to take place in the city”. That linking of Lennon and the attack may have triggered his response.

There was more. “In a joint statement, the Salford and Eccles Labour MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey, and Salford’s mayor, Paul Dennett, condemned the ‘sickening’ racist message ‘no blacks’ sprayed on the front door of Jackson Yamba and his son, David, just days after they moved in this month”. Dennett and Ms Long Bailey had more to say.
Doesn't look all that 'faked', does it?

In recent demonstrations held by ‘Tommy Robinson’, former members of the National Front, Combat 18, and other fascist groups have attended and have attacked anti-racist protesters whilst shouting anti-Muslim and antisemitic chants. Robinson has also aligned himself with the mainstream right, since being hired as an adviser to Ukip under Gerard Batten’s leadership. A move which ‘appalled’ even Nigel Farage”.

And they had this to say in conclusion. “We have a rich and diverse community here in Salford. We oppose antisemitism, Islamophobia and all forms of racism. These attacks and rallies have no place in Salford and we will fight to drive hate and racism from our communities here in Salford, and across the UK”. As to Lennon’s planned visit, well.
We oppose the planned visit by ‘Tommy Robinson’ real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon on Saturday 23rd February to protest outside the BBC Studios in Salford”. All of that mean that The Great Man had to respond, and do so in characteristic style.

This entire statement is complete lies. Was this another hoax hate crime perfectly timed in Salford where we are due to demo. The majority of these high profile media focused ‘hate’ crimes turn out to be fake”. The paranoia is strong with this one.
The attack on Jackson Yamba’s home has been well-documented and there is no reason to doubt that it happened. The explicitly racist graffiti was there for all to see. The incidence of hate crime is rising year-on-year. And it gets traced back to the likes of Lennon and his supporters; thus his constant attempts to claim it’s not happening.

But it is happening. It’s not set-up, it’s not a fake, and media outlets are entitled to make the link between it and Lennon’s planned visit to the area to promote Himself Personally Now. One has to wonder what it driving the paranoia. Or maybe not.
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Press EXCUSES Independent Group Racism

Our free and fearless press has spoken with one voice this morning, to send Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn their warning that the seven MPs who walked out on the party yesterday were only the start, and that he was the one who had to change. Even the right-leaning papers, with their love of peddling low-level racism, were kicking Jezza over alleged anti-Semitism. And, as so often, this was a routine display of double standards.
Angela Smith in mid-misspeak

Any claim that Labour was institutionally racist, and the seven who left were not, was shown to be utterly false after Angela Smith, who represents Penistone and Stocksbridge (on the North-West fringe of Sheffield), appeared on BBC Politics Live, and suffered what she would like us to consider an example of “mis-speaking”.

This is what she said. “It’s not just about colour … the history of a party of the left suggests it’s not just about being black, or … a funny tinge … er, y’know, from the BME community”. It was left to Ash Sarkar of Novara Media to fire back “A funny what?” Ms Sarkar’s expression prompted her later Tweet “Needless to say, I absolutely suck at poker”.
Ms Smith was not instantly taken aback by the kind of jaw-dropping moment that would have had the press down on the Labour Party like the proverbial tonne of bricks, had she still been a member of it. But after due consideration, and the sure and certain knowledge that she wasn’t going to get away with it, she got the message.

I have seen the clip from Politics Live, I am very sorry about any offence caused and I am very upset that I misspoke so badly … It’s not what I am, I am committed to fighting racism wherever I find it in our society”. Not what she is? Did a big boy do it and run away?
Jane Merrick, not exactly a Corbyn cheerleader, was unimpressed. “Really shocking to hear the Angela Smith ‘funny tinge’ comments - how does that phrase even cross your mind when referring to racism? But those involved in the Independent Group should denounce what she’s said” Well, if they did, nobody noticed.

And, as Labour MP Rupa Huq observed, “They claim their new party is anti-racist and modern yet in the same breath describe black, Asian and minority ethnic people as having a ‘funny tinge’. This is, at best, the casual racism of the 1970s that I thought we’d long left behind. But it will strike many as an appalling, racist comment”.
So what did the press, Guardian and Independent excepted, have to say about the alleged mis-speak?  As if you need to ask. This morning, the Mail has become extremely righteous about Jezza visiting his allotment. The increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph proudly pictured the Independent Group - including Ms Smith - in its front page lead. The Sun, Express, Times and i Paper choose to warn of more Labour MPs potentially leaving.

But no headlines denouncing Angela Smith’s casual racism, or indeed the silence from the Independent Group. The polar opposite from what they would have done if Ms Smith had dropped that one while still a Labour MP. And that’s most revealing.

It tells you all you need to know about the press’ attitude to racism. It’s only A Bad Thing when they say it is. Otherwise they turn a blind eye. And that’s not good enough.
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Monday, 18 February 2019

Honda Says Goodbye To Brexit Britain

It was only Project Fear. It was just the whining of Bitter Remoaners. It had more to do with the EU waging war on diesel cars. If only we could all be more optimistic and smile. A big boy did it and ran away. The excuses from Brexiteers keep on coming, but now they are being outpaced by the gathering storm of bad news. The UK Government has been messing business about for long enough. Now they will reap the whirlwind.
Nissan has cancelled proposed investment in its Sunderland plant which would have secured thousands of jobs. Now, as Sky News has told, “Honda to stun ministers with closure of Swindon factory … The Japanese carmaker is expected to disclose plans to close its Swindon plant in 2022, Sky News can reveal”.

As Sky’s Jason Farrell pointed out, the announcement should not have been unexpected: “Only last month Honda told sky news: ‘the UK’s departure from the EU without a withdrawal agreement would pose serious challenges’”. So how bad is the news?
Very bad. “Honda is preparing to announce the closure of its factory in Swindon, dealing a devastating blow both to its 3,500-strong workforce and ministers' hopes that the UK will remain an elite manufacturing economy after Brexit … Sky News has learnt that the Japanese car manufacturer could disclose the plan as soon as Tuesday morning”.

There was more in the same vein. “A Honda spokesman did not return calls seeking comment on Monday … If confirmed, the move will represent a further savage blow to Britain's automotive sector amid enormous uncertainty surrounding the terms of future trade with the European Union … the company will retain its European headquarters in Bracknell, Berkshire, as well as its Formula One racing team operations in the UK”.
And it will affect a lot more than 3,500 livelihoods: “The decision to permanently shut the Swindon factory will stun trade unions, and potentially put thousands of additional jobs at risk in the automotive industry supply chain and supporting businesses”. Why is it happening? “While factors other than Brexit are said to have contributed to Honda's decision, the timing of its announcement is likely to be viewed as an incendiary development with a no-deal Brexit potentially just under six weeks away”.
Also, our Prime Minister also knew there was more than a possibility of bad news on the way: “Theresa May attempted to reassure business leaders last week that an agreed departure from the EU remained the likeliest outcome, but was warned during a conference call that companies including Ford were accelerating plans to divert jobs and investment abroad”. She was warned. She did nothing. Thus the outcome.
Jobs are starting to leave the country. Who will bring us the next slice of bad news? Will it be another car manufacturer? If so, which? Jaguar Land Rover? Toyota? BMW, who make the Mini and Rolls-Royce? Volkswagen, who own Bentley Motors? Will Vauxhall finally be pulled out of the UK? Will it be another sector - Airbus, perhaps?

Whatever the source of the next body blow to the UK economy, there is one common factor to all of these recent announcements: Brexit, and its resultant uncertainty. We have an inept and tribal Government which is unable to hold itself together and take action at the same time. This is down to Brexiteer Tories. Time for them to own the problem.
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The Independent Group - On The Way Out

And so it at long last came to pass: seven formerly Labour MPs walked out of the party to enjoy a brief moment in the limelight before strolling off into well-remunerated obscurity as venerated columnists and talking heads, having damaged the Labour Party, just as the larger part of our free and fearless press would have wished.
The seven who have walked away from the democratic left-wing party they all joined when it was, er, a democratic left-wing party, are Luciana Berger, Ann Coffey, Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie, Gavin Shuker, Angela Smith and Chuka Umunna. All will now sit as a group of allegedly independent MPs. None will fight a by-election. And that’s not good enough.

All were elected as Labour MPs. Had they not stood for that party, been supported by all the unpaid volunteers, and backed by senior party figures, none would have achieved that same level of success. And, whisper it quietly, none of them would survive another electoral contest, by-election or General Election, standing as independents.

As befits an organisation which thus far has served merely for the lucky seven to stand up one at a time and denounce the party that supported them, as if they were reprising Nikita Khrushchev attacking Stalin, the Independent Group’s website has already crashed. But we do know something about their values, or, it seems, the lack of them.

Our primary duty as Members of Parliament is to put the best interests of our constituents and our country first”. But no by-elections. Do go on. “Our free media, the rule of law, and our open, tolerant and respectful democratic society should be cherished and renewed”. Could someone give me some indication of what that actually means, apart from nothing?

And then comes a real pearler: “We believe that our Parliamentary democracy in which our elected representatives deliberate, decide and provide leadership, held accountable by their whole electorate is the best system of representing the views of the British people”. Apart from this being meaningless drivel - no-one in Parliament doesn’t think that - once again, if accountability is the word, then why no by-elections?
Moreover, where are the Tories, and representatives of other parties, throwing their lot in with the seven? No Anna Soubry, no Sarah Wollaston, no Heidi Allen. No Lib Dems. Only the cat-calling against Jeremy Corbyn and his colleagues from has-beens like Jamie Reed, and no doubt those high profile supporters.

On top of that is the sure and certain knowledge that sooner or later, those who are backing the Independent Group will be identified and their motivations examined. In 1981, the SDP had its own backers. The new breakaway group will need its own. Also, the SDP had some serious big hitters from Labour - Roy Jenkins had been Chancellor of the Exchequer and Home Secretary. David Owen had been Foreign Secretary.

Looking at the lucky seven of the Independent Group, there are none of those big names. Nor are there any who, like Owen and Jenkins, might hold their seats at a General Election. No, there is only obscurity to come. The right-wing press will love and sustain them. Question Time will doubtless honour them. And that will be all.

All of that for one brief heroic moment and a few supportive headlines. Sad, really.
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