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Friday, 1 June 2018

Katie Hopkins Desperate To Break USA

This weekend, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins is once more taking her inimitable brand of conspiracist drivel to North America, as she flies in to Toronto (someone else is paying, before anyone asks). But the market she so longs to crack is a little further south: Ms Hopkins wants to break the USA, and for good reason: it is the one market where there are significant numbers of people willing to believe her delusional schtick.
Viewers may still want to look away now

In pursuit of this goal, she has been not only accepting any and every invitation to appear before the hosts of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse), and has taken a not merely courteous tone with those she wants to impress, but a fawningly grovelling one. Gone is the snappy and aloof Hatey Katie that Britain knows so well, and in has come polite, pleading and obliging Katie, perhaps even carrying her own sick bucket.
So after her last appearance on FNC, there she was obediently telling Tucker Carlson, a host lame enough to make viewers long for the days of the disgraced Bill O’Reilly, “Thank you so much”, before latching on to the also disgraced Roseanne Barr: “Dear @therealroseanne I have found the more I am fired, the busier I become. You are headed for greatness Love Hopkins xx #standstrong”. Could she crawl any lower?
She certainly could. After Tom Arnold interjected “Lady, I'm not even sure who you are or which picture is of you & I know you're trying to be nice but this tweet is going to bum the hell out of Roseanne because she already was great. Then she got fired so at the very least you could say she's re-headed for greatness or some shit”, she did just that.
Roger your last @TomArnold on #Roseanne. I stand corrected. Roseanne will be EVEN GREATER with her new show on Fox xxx” (Apologies to all those who have not yet digested their breakfasts). Even her own followers were getting the Uriah Heep treatment: “I want you to know. I see your emails. I am so grateful for your support. And you are the fuel in my tank that drives me forward. It is my duty and my privilege to stand strong with you x we don’t need to agree all the time to get along #HopkinsArmy”.
And with that, it was back to fawningly grovelling after Roseanne Barr in the hope that it might advance her career Stateside: “Dear R 1) give someone your phone 2) remember @twitter is Ebola 3) come surfing with my family. You are a good woman” she told sympathetically. Katie Hopkins sympathising? I told you she was grovelling.
As there was no response to that, it was back to trying to rope in Tom Arnold once more. “Ok @TomArnold. Plse get to @therealroseanne 1) delete twitter 2) hug her 3) tell her it’s ok This too shall pass”. It was crawling on a monumental scale. It was utterly delusional. But it was, once more, confirmation that Ms Hopkins was so desperate to make it big in the USA that she was prepared to latch on to anyone who might help her achieve her goal.
The sad reality is, of course, that FNC has quite enough wackos on its roster of hosts, and that Ms Hopkins has another think coming if she believes Rupert Murdoch, whose Sun newspaper already sacked her, is going to ride to the rescue.

But in the meantime, expect lots more of this as Hatey Katie tries to break the USA.


Anonymous said...

The only thing likely to get broken is her nose if she keeps upsetting people.

Arnold said...

Slap! -)


Ted Bangor said...

American is already broken. Pretty much from the top all the way down to whatever level Hatie is on.

They don't need any help on that score.

Anonymous said...

How will the world of spin and harm both here and in the US function when advertising dries up?

Me, I don't give a fuck. The biggest asshole linking the two had it coming.

Anonymous said...

Reminiscent of when David Frost "broke" into the USA. But even he didn't stoop as low as Hopkins - though he had a damn good try.

Some day soon British and US media will coalesce into one giant mound of far right bullshit and lies, capable of the truth only when it is forced to. As in the Hillsborough tragedy and the hacking corruption.

Jonathan said...

Let s hope Hatey Katey gers locked up in New York if Los Angeles for some immigration offence and let's see if her supporters bust her out.

Nick63 said...

She may be - rightly - toxic to Murdoch in the UK, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see her more regularly employed as a commentator on FNC in the US. Fox News is a completely different level of batshit than News UK.