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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Tommy Robinson Publisher ARRESTED

The Facebook page of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has taken time out from ruminating on his upcoming appearance at the Old Bailey to tell readersMEDIA POLICING THE NEWS: Armed Police ARREST Newspaper Publisher over ‘Hate Crime’”. What Lennon, or whoever looks after the page, has not told is that he has an interest in this case - because it involves his publisher.
As Huddersfield’s Examiner Live has reported, “An MP has raised 'serious concerns' with West Yorkshire Police after it emerged that newspaper publisher Danny Lockwood was arrested by armed police as he drove to work on Monday … Journalist Mr Lockwood, publisher of Dewsbury paper The Press, was handcuffed and taken to York police station before being transferred to Dewsbury where he was questioned about three hate crimes at the office of Dewsbury MP Paula Sherriff”. There was more.

The crimes are thought to involve swastikas being placed at the doorstep of the MP's office in Wellington Road on three separate occasions - July 3, August 9 and 17 … It is understood that a CCTV image of the suspect shows a bald white man at the scene - which Ms Sherriff's staff had told police was NOT Mr Lockwood, it has been reported”.

The whole business seems rather strange: “Mr Lockwood, on advice from his lawyer, volunteered to attend Dewsbury police station by appointment to assist with police inquiries if required … However, Mr Lockwood says that West Yorkshire Police then authorised a nationwide 'wanted' alert on the national police computer … He says he was ‘forced’ off the A64 near its M1 junction by three marked police BMW X5s and an unmarked one, all carrying armed North Yorkshire officers”. Not local to Dewsbury, then.
But the accounts are missing two things. Danny Lockwood has significant previous for hate speech: as the Observer reported earlier this month, “In January, Danny Lockwood, owner of The Press, met Tommy Robinson, former English Defence League leader and notorious Islamophobe, near Jo Cox House to discuss how the town’s Muslim and ‘established’ white community were ‘completely at odds with each other’”.

There was more. “Last month alone, Lockwood used his columns to attack a group that monitors anti-Muslim hate incidents – whom he called ‘soft-headed virtue signallers’; questioned the definition of Islamophobia; and mocked the ‘Zorro outfits’ worn by some Muslim women … Cox’s successor, Tracy Brabin, has not been spared. Dismissing her as a member of ‘the Palestine-loving Labour left’”. And so on, and so forth.

And something else the reports aren’t telling is that The Press News Ltd., which publishes the paper that carries all the Muslim bashing copy, is also responsible for the edition of Lennon’s essay in victimhood Enemy Of The State which will wing its way to your door if you order it from Amazon. Danny Lockwood is Stephen Lennon’s publisher.

As with so many things related to Lennon and his activities, why Lockwood was hauled over on the A64 recently remains partly a mystery. Armed officers are not deployed on a whim just because a hate crime happened somewhere near where he works.

Still, he and Lennon aren’t paranoid. But they’re all out to get them. Or maybe not.
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Murdoch Loses His Crown Jewel

While attention of some pundits has been on the fallout from the EU leaders’ summit last week in Salzburg, and others have concentrated on the Labour Party conference taking place in Liverpool, one very important piece of news has gone unnoticed. It’s a very significant item, signalling as it does the end of Rupert Murdoch’s attempt to get his hands on the 61% of Sky that he does not already control.
As the BBC has reported, “US cable giant Comcast has submitted the highest bid in the auction for broadcaster Sky, valuing the company at more than £30bn … Comcast beat Rupert Murdoch's Fox in a rare blind auction process set by the UK's Takeover Panel … The firm's chairman and chief executive said it was ‘a great day for Comcast’”.

Worse for Rupe was “Sky has recommended its shareholders accept the bid, saying it was an ‘excellent outcome’ and ‘represents materially superior value’”. Comcast is looking to close the deal by the end of next month, bringing to an end Murdoch’s dream of 100% ownership, which began eight years ago but was blown off course by the phone hacking scandal. Now he gets a shed load of money, but no control.

But the person who will be most miffed at the news is not Don Rupioni, but the twinkle-toed yet domestically combative Rebekah Brooks, whose barely concealed ambition to become CEO of Sky one day was hinted at by Private Eye magazine in Issue 1477. Observing the Sun’s plugging of TalkSPORT, the Eye had this to say.
The success of TalkSPORT and its Wireless radio network [which also includes Virgin Radio, future home at great cost of Chris Evans] has become critical for [News UK] CEO Rebekah Brooks after the collapse of her other pet project, Sun Bets. That dismal failure not only denies Rebekah the chance to attend her beloved Cheltenham racing festival every year as ‘work’ (the company sponsored at race); it also invites humiliating comparisons with the roaring success of Sky Bet, which was sold for $3.4bn four months ago”. Zelo Street covered the Sun Bets fiasco - see HERE.

Then came the killer comment. “Sun Bets was meant to help Rebekah show the Dirty Digger that anything Sky could do, she could do as well. Noting how in thrall she is to the pay-TV giant, her News UK colleagues wonder if Wireless is now seen by Brooks as her stepping stone to the top job as Sky itself”. Not any more.
Away from Murdoch’s control, no-one with brain plugged in and a hole in their arse would let Rebekah Brooks anywhere near the Sky CEO job. After all, it would require her to actually put in a full day’s work, instead of spending most of it yacking into her iPhone in an attempt to maintain her networking skills. And it would require some management skills too, instead of periodically emerging from her office to slag off subordinates.

Worse, with Murdoch’s cash cow wrested from his control, what chance is there of money being pumped into a loss-making press operation (the Sun has been losing money for years now, not helped by all those phone hacking payouts)?

The highest profile casualty of Comcast bagging Sky is not Rupert Murdoch, but teacher’s pet Rebekah Brooks. It couldn’t happen to a more unpleasant person.
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UKIP Star’s N-Word Shame

One has to wonder whether the remaining saloon bar propper-uppers at UKIP ever bother to do due diligence on any of their new members after yet another most regrettable episode was unearthed concerning Carl Benjamin, who styles himself Sargon of Akkad. This time, it seems Benjamin failed to see the Murdoch Sunday Times coming, with the result that he has been done up like, appropriately, a kipper.
Adolf von Batten with InfoWars' Paul Watson (left) and Carl Benjamin (right)

After his unfortunate comment about selectively lowering the age of consent to 11 recently, the last thing Adolf von Batten’s New Model Party needed was Benjamin practising blatant racism, to add to his previous vicious misogyny. But that is exactly what he did, as the excellent Resisting Hate has told, showing the ST article in full.

Benjamin’s lack of savvy - something which he was claimed to possess, and which made UKIP believe he would be an asset to the party - was on view from the word go. “Benjamin addressed the Ukip conference in Birmingham on Friday via a video message shown on the main stage, in which he said he had joined the party to defend British liberty against ‘communists in our universities, Islamists in our northern towns, and censorious MPs’”.

British liberty means nothing if it does not allow people in Universities or elsewhere a free choice of political affiliation, and others to be censorious. Those freedoms also allow freedom of religion - including for Muslims. But then it got worse. Much worse.

Benjamin gained notoriety in 2016 when he was accused of instigating a misogynistic trolling campaign against the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley. ‘I wouldn’t even rape you’ he tweeted at Phillips, prompting a deluge of threatening tweets against her, including rape and death threats from his followers. He has since been banned from Twitter”. Nice chap, isn’t he? And then came the blatant racism.

In a live stream recorded in February, Benjamin appeared to lose his temper at one viewer’s comment … ‘You are acting like a bunch of n******, just so you know. You act like white n******,’ he said. Benjamin insisted his comments had been taken out of context”.

And to that I call bullshit. The N-Word is in no need of “context”. It is loaded. It is blatantly racist. If Carl Benjamin said that, he’s a nailed-on racist, no ifs, no buts.

Worse for Batten, we read “He has enjoyed a good relationship with Batten, appearing alongside the Ukip leader at the European parliament this month and interviewing him on his YouTube channel … Ukip said Batten had invited Benjamin to speak at a panel on the EU as a ‘subject matter expert’”. Expert on what, putting his foot in his mouth?

Another UKIP “star” stands accused of racism, to go with paedophile sympathising, misogyny, bullying, Islamophobia, and intolerance to the point of appearing fascist. And that’s before they get to the new recruit who shills for a widely banned batshit conspiracy site, plus another who got his partner’s dog to respond to the phrase “Gas the Jews”.

UKIP ceased to be a credible political party some time ago. That just put the lid on it.
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Snap General Election - BRING IT ON

As if to underscore the way in which so many in the Press and Pundit Establishment exist in their own parallel universe, where politics is just a game and the collateral damage - poverty, poor wages, bad housing, homelessness, poor health and hopelessness - is someone else’s problem, alleged doyen of political editors Tim Shipman of the Murdoch Sunday Times has declared that the Tories are war-gaming a snap General Election.
Indeed, there it is on the paper’s front page today: “May’s team plot snap election to save Brexit … PM faces new cabinet battle over immigration”. Whistle those upmarket doggies! You readers want Brexit, don’t you? Well, the bloke who owns this paper wants it, despite not having the vote in the UK, so that’s good enough for his hacks. And immigration too - get rid of all those people who talk funny or who don’t look like us, eh?

So what kind of bull has Shippers been shipping this time? “Theresa May’s aides have secretly began contingency planning for a snap election in November to save the Brexit talks and her job after EU leaders rebuffed the Prime Minister’s Chequers plan … Two senior members of May’s Downing Street political operation responded to her summit humiliation in Salzburg last week by ‘war-gaming’ an Autumn vote to win public backing for a new plan.” And, as Jon Stewart might have said, two things here.
One, it’s not much of a secret if it’s on the front page of the Sunday Times. And more significantly, Two, by November the Brexit talks, or what is left of them, should have been completed and an agreement - if there is to be one - reached.

There is, of course, a third problem for Theresa May and her merry band, and that is not only that many in her own party would be less than totally enthusiastic about going to the country yet again, but also that they would have to deal with something called the Labour Party. We know what happened last time she called a snap poll.

Moreover, there are two distinct problems for the PM to confront with Labour. One, during last year’s campaign, Labour began with a 16 point poll deficit and narrowed it to just two points by polling day. And Two, Jeremy Corbyn has just agreed to back a so-called “Peoples’ Vote” on the terms of whatever agreement Theresa May reaches with the EU.
With 86% of Labour members estimated to back that strategy, and strong support for the idea from the Lib Dems, the SNP, Greens and even some Tories, Corbyn has not only killed Brexit stone dead by his latest move - minor point, eh Shippers - he has effectively rallied all those opposed to the Brexit charade to his standard.

That would give Labour a significant advantage in what would undoubtedly be the most vicious, dirtiest and least honest Tory campaign in history. Smethwick in 1964? Sun Kinnock lightbulb front page in 1992? The abuse hurled at Michael Foot in 1983? What the Tories’ press pals will hurl at Jezza will be of a magnitude greater.
But for the man Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell characterised as “Jezbi-Wan Cornorbyn”, this time the force is truly with him. Labour has mass membership. It has the organisation. It has the New Media support. And it is talking the language of ordinary voters.

Corbyn has killed Brexit. A snap election, and he’ll kill off the Tories, too. Bring it on.
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Top Six - September 23

So what’s hot, and what’s not, in the past week’s blogging? Here are the six most popular posts on Zelo Street for the past seven days, counting down in reverse order, because, well, I have places to go and people to see later. So there.
6 Harry Cole - A Modern Media Morality Tale Why do so many punters no longer trust what the media establishment serves up? One look at the puke-making back-slapping when one liar, bully and smear merchant was gifted a job he isn’t fit to do at the Mail on Sunday tells you all you need to know.

5 The Brexit Charade IS DEAD Theresa May didn’t get the reception she expected for her plans in Salzburg. Because the other EU leaders have had enough of the UK trying to have that cake and eat it. The press abuse doesn’t help, either.

4 Tommy Robinson Vigilantism BEGINS Declaring someone guilty before even being arrested, offering money to identify them, and apparently cutting out the Police - this is not going to end well.

 3 Guardian Editor Bats For Murdoch The Guardian’s joint political editor protesting over the Murdoch Sun being refused accreditation for an event in Liverpool? OH DEAR!

2 UKIP Leader’s Paedophile Shame New head Kipper Adolf von Batten’s pal was actually downloading child porn when the cops arrived.

1 UKIP Paedophile Promotion EXPOSED It wasn’t just Milo Yiannopoulos, who had no problem with paedophilia, but Carl Benjamin, who styles himself Sargon of Akkad, agreeing that the age of consent could be lowered to 11 “on a case by case basis”, and an official UKIP Twitter account promoting a podcast from a known paedophilia advocate. It’s getting to be a habit, Kippers, isn’t it?

And that’s the end of another blogtastic week, blog pickers. Not ‘arf!

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Tory v Labour - Press Access Hypocrisy

There was considerable faux outrage laat week after Labour campaign group Momentum declined to accredit hacks from the Murdoch Sun to their The World Transformed event going on alongside the Party Conference in Liverpool. Those giving fealty to the Murdoch mafiosi included, to her shame, the joint political editor of the Guardian. Moreover, this was not the first time the media establishment had kicked off over access.
Last month, when Jeremy Corbyn gave the Alternative MacTaggart Lecture in Edinburgh, the faux outrage - backed up by sneering and outright lies - was on view once more when it was discovered that the organisers did not invite external broadcaster to the event, but made their own video feed available to anyone who wanted it.
The confected furore began after normally sensible Channel 4 News man Michael Crick got a little ahead of himself, seeing something underhand and sinister that was not there. This prompted sneering from the low moaning noise that is Desperate Dan Hodges, and a malicious pack of lies from the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole.
Then, yesterday, came the Oh What A Giveaway moment. After Theresa May caused her fellow EU heads of Government to finally run out of patience at the Salzburg summit on Thursday, she gave a speech from 10 Downing Street - scripted, no questions, and indeed no journalists present - projecting defiance. It was strictly for domestic consumption only. And its presentation shut out all except one of the pantheon of media outlets.
Which was the media provider given the privilege of broadcasting the Empress Treeza to the masses? Was it Channel 4 News, Crick’s berth? Perhaps the Mail on Sunday or its sister Daily Mail was allowed in, given Whinging Dan Hodges’ acquiescence? Or maybe it was someone linked to the Murdoch mafiosi, which would have placated Master Cole?
Sadly, it was none of the above. It was the BBC. No-one else was allowed in. So where was Crick’s outrage this time? After all, she wasn’t even taking questions, but effectively using the Beeb to broadcast a party political broadcast. “It’s worth stressing that what happened today was NOT a press conference. There were just two BBC (as ever) people there; no other journalists & certainly no questions” he observed. Without outrage.
Desperate Dan Hodges drooled “Setting aside the minor, we're-about-to-crash-out-without-a-deal-and-all-die stuff, I thought that was May's strongest moment since becoming PM. Certainly since the election”. He had no problems with the broadcasting arrangements, nor the lack of questions. And what of Master Cole?
CONFIRMED: BBC have been summoned to Downing Street. PM will give a statement on government Brexit policy. No other journos invited. On telly at 1345”. So just the Beeb, no other invitations, no questions, but as it’s the Tories, no problem.
The media establishment wants us to consider them more reliable than all those ghastly New Left Media sites that they keep slagging off, but keep on being caught out exhibiting the most flagrant double standards. We should keep on trusting them.
Well, the more they pile on the hypocrisy, the less trust they’re going to get. Sad but true.
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Rachael Swindon - REALITY

Visibility brings all manner of consequences: profile, notoriety, interest, hopefully popularity, maybe even a glimpse of fame. It can also bring jealousy, dismissiveness, smears, abuse, and even vindictiveness. All of those came the way of the Tweeter known as Rachael Swindon, whose support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and her social media reach, made her the target of the right-wing press.
It got worse: she even attracted at least one stalker, and a host of obsessives. These sad individuals persuaded papers like the Mail and Sun to doorstep her, but to no effect, as neither paper wrote up a story. It also led hacks without the full set of investigative skills to make fools of themselves claiming that Rachael was in fact a man Tweeting as a woman. The most foolish was Jane Merrick. Will she now apologise? Don’t bet on it.

So there was only one credible course of action, as anyone who has had the press pack bearing down on them will know - choose the most rational and, hopefully, sympathetic media outlet and give them the story. So it was that Rachael Cousins and husband Jon invited BuzzFeed News into their council house on the outskirts of Swindon.

Unfortunately, Mark di Stefano’s article had to have the obligatory eye-catching headline “Here’s The Woman Behind Britain’s Most Divisive Twitter Account”, although Ms Cousins is not looking to “divide” anyone - she’s just a passionate Labour and Corbyn supporter.
But we do learn that she “had joined Twitter in 2014 ‘to tweet about Peter Andre and EastEnders’”. It was the Tories voting for benefit cuts that set her on her current path (Zelo Street had no real cause célèbre until the phone hacking story broke in 2009; one event can pique the interest and set a future course all on its own).

Di Stefano puts the reality of Ms Cousins’ situation directly: “Cousins said her husband is living with fibromyalgia, a painful long-term condition causing extreme pain and fatigue. She has osteoarthritis in her legs. Neither are working at the moment, and while they now live on unemployment benefits, documents back up their claim that they’re currently locked in a battle with the Department for Work and Pensions over his disability payments”.

So much for all the obsessives whinging about “benefit cheats”. Ms Cousins is one of many in the UK who finds herself in straitened circumstances. Far too many pundits and social media obsessives believe that such people should just know their place and keep quiet, and in days gone by, that is what would have happened. Not now.
She is one of many reasons that Labour under Corbyn’s leadership, while not being immune to the incessant barrage of press abuse, has not subsided in the opinion polls, and indeed was able to claw back most of a 16-point deficit in the run-up to last year’s General Election. Yet still there are journalists who don’t get it.

That’s why Jane Merrick was not alone in sneering at the Rachael Swindon Twitter phenomenon. Michael Deacon of the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph was another. Hugo Rifkind also weighed in to criticise her. They all got it wrong.

Rachael Cousins is not only a real person, she is one of thousands actively backing Jezza and Labour who have cut out the mainstream press. I’ll just leave that one there.
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May Delusion - Murdoch Lies

Yesterday’s ostensibly defiant speech by Theresa May, which was in reality another futile gesture for domestic consumption only, has had the effect she and her dwindling band of hangers-on wanted - it has fired up our free and fearless press to match her delusion. The front pages are, mostly, exactly as she would have wished. All have noted her defiance. Praise has been lavished upon her. And it is all supremely pointless.
The Sun headline writer need not be a person of taste

But that thought was not allowed to enter at the Baby Shard Bunker, where the Murdoch goons had decided beforehand that there could be no sign of that delusion, or indeed any inkling of the grim reality facing the PM, shown to readers of the Super Soaraway Currant Bun. So it was that the task of maintaining morale among the paper’s rapidly shrinking readership was given to the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole.
Smile, though you're copy's churning, smile, though your pants are burning ...

As Zelo Street regulars will recall, Master Cole, formerly tame gofer to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, marked his Sun front page debut in no style at all with “COURT JEZTER”, which claimed Labour would lose their allocation of “Short money” unless Jeremy Corbyn joined the Privy Council. This was a pack of lies, so bad that not even press non-regulator IPSO was prepared to excuse it.

So it was that the flannelled fool brought forth what may be his last Sun front page splash - he’s inexplicably been given the deputy political editor’s job at the Mail on Sunday, quite an achievement for someone who couldn’t edit his way out of a paper bag - telling readersMay’s Brexit Fightback … UP EURS! … Furious PM freezes talks with Brussels”.
Some people and their papers have form for lying

Talks have been frozen? When did that happen? But there it is: “RAGING Theresa May froze Brexit talks until the EU makes her a fresh offer … In a ­dramatic retaliation to her Salzburg humiliation, the Prime Minister blasted Brussels for a lack of ‘respect’ and making the ‘fundamental mistake’ of underestimating her resolve to keep her Chequers deal alive”.

There was more. “Mrs May made a rare live address from No10’s state dining room to vow she will not abandon her soft Brexit offer - despite it being shredded by EU leaders in Austria … Instead she insisted the ball was now in their court to make Chequers work or face No Deal … The PM, seething at her Salzburg slapdown the day before, challenged the EU to come up with a counter proposal to her Chequers offer”.
But there was, as Captain Blackadder might have pointed out, only one thing wrong with this idea - it was bollocks. As Jonathan Portes told last night - so before the Sun hit the news stands - “Despite all the noise and newspaper headlines, only substantive point here is that UK *will* shortly make new proposal, with further concessions, on Irish border/backstop, as EU27/Ireland/Commission have long been asking”.
Who to believe, a Professor of Economics at King’s College London, or an odious flannelled fool who has made a career of smearing, bluffing, and lying? Once again, the combination of the Sun and Master Cole means another pack of lies.

The Murdoch mafiosi can’t even do jingoism honestly. Don’t buy the Sun.
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Friday, 21 September 2018

UKIP Goes Full Third Reich

To show that the politics of delusion are not an exclusively Tory Party preserve, the new leader of the last remaining saloon-bar propper-uppers at UKIP has brought forth the kinds of policy ideas that will drive lots of members to one political party. The problem for Adolf von Batten is that the party welcoming all those new members will be the Tories.
I em not a racialist but, und zis is a big but

Batten, an appallingly immodest man with much to be modest about, has yanked the Kippers further to the right, if such a thing were possible. As the Guardian has reported, “Ukip has proposed Muslim-only prisons, special security screening for Muslim would-be immigrants and a repeal of equalities laws before its annual conference, further indicating the party’s shift to the populist hard right”. And there was more.

Other policies put forward in a so-called interim manifesto … include the abolition of the category of hate crime, as well as scrapping the Equalities and Human Rights Commission and the government’s equalities office … The document also calls for a national inquiry into the abuse of children and women by sexual grooming gangs, something it calls ‘one of the greatest social scandals in English history’”. Wonder who that is aimed at?
You'll have to speak up, I'm a bit Mutt and Jeff

The rampant paranoia is evident elsewhere in the manifesto: “political correctness and the fear of identifying the vast majority of the perpetrators as Muslims … Islamic literalist and fundamentalist extremism … driven by the political doctrine of cultural Marxism … open-border uncontrolled immigration, and imposing an alien politically correct cultural agenda on their peoples” Batten is not a racialist, but, and this is a big but.

Allowing people to spread hatred under cover of “free speech”, doing away with Human Rights, segregation of part of the population, demonising that minority of the population as “alien”, inventing hostile political doctrines to give supporters something to oppose, spreading fear of “the other”, claiming to be a friend to ordinary hard-working people, offering easy and glib solutions to their problems. What does that sound like?
Squeaky too much racism finger up the bum time

Well, that sounds like fascism, and more specifically the kind of fascism practiced under the less than benign rule of the Nazis in 1930s Germany. The great pity about the UKIP manifesto is that, as so often, scapegoating of Muslims gets a free pass, while if any of those proposed measures had used “Jews” instead of “Muslims”, the condemnation would have been universal, and rightly so. That comparison should not need to be made.

UKIP is now so far off the political mainstream that even former Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty “ Farage has saidI’m less than impressed with the current direction in which we’re going. It devalues, undermines many of the incredible achievements … (Ukip is) in danger now unless it changes direction very, very quickly, of total and utter marginalisation”. Adolf von Batten is too extreme even for Nige.
And anyone thinking the Nazi comparison is too extreme, Batten also said this: “We are going to hit Remainers hard. Remainers we know where your constituencies are and we are coming for you”. The full Third Reich, with the Gestapo thrown in.

This is not a political party. This is totalitarian thuggery. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Theresa May - Time To Go

The act of national delusion continues: today, delayed by power problems at 10 Downing Street - there’s a metaphor to savour - Theresa May stood at the lectern, two Union Flags behind her, to deliver yet another pointless speech on the progress, or lack of it, with Brexit negotiations. It was so well received that Sterling tanked on the foreign exchange markets. It was supremely pointless. It addressed no issues. And it solved no problems.
As the BBC has reported, “In a statement at Downing Street she said for EU leaders to reject her plan with no alternative at this ‘late stage of negotiations’ was ‘not acceptable’”. They were supposed, perhaps, to allow her crock of crap to be considered as a serious negotiating position, as well as flagrantly bypassing Michel Barnier.

There was more. “A defiant Mrs May added: ‘I will not overturn the result of the referendum nor will I break up my country.’” But no-one was asking her to do that. Then came the part of the speech for domestic press consumption only. “At this late stage in the negotiations, it is not acceptable to simply reject the other side's proposals without a detailed explanation and counter proposals. So we now need to hear from the EU what the real issues are and what their alternative is so we can discuss them. Until we do, we cannot make progress”. Christ on a bike, they told you two years ago.

What happened yesterday in Salzburg was the entirely predictable result of several factors: proposals that had already been dismissed as unworkable; trying to short-circuit the negotiating process by attempting (unsuccessfully) to pick off member states one by one; trying to cut out Barnier; not bringing proposals forward until the last minute.

Also, the duplicitous nature of some ministers did not help, especially Michael “Oiky” Gove claiming the final agreement could be reneged upon at will. Nor did all the futile braggadocio over “not paying the divorce bill”. Some of the Tory right still think that the prospect of No Deal is A Very Good Thing. The currency markets think otherwise.

But one conclusion in inescapable: Theresa May’s credibility is now shot. Her leadership is a contradiction in terms. Her party is a shambolic rabble. Many in her own cabinet are “on manoeuvres”. Many outside the cabinet are manoeuvring to get rid of her. She cannot deliver on Brexit. Worse, she is unable or unwilling to contemplate any common sense alternative - such as extending the Article 50 period, or not doing the deed at all.
As she has outlived her usefulness, there is only one option left for Theresa May, and that is for her to go. The manner of her departure matters less than her getting on and doing it. She could, of course, if she believes she has the country with her, call a General Election, in which she and her rabble of a party would be soundly thrashed.

Blaming the EU will no longer work for her. Nor will blaming Labour: they are not in power; it is not for them to ride to her rescue. Nor will any other kind of blame-shifting. Nor will calling on sympathetic media outlets to shill for her.

We see you, Theresa May. You are no less inept than your cowardly predecessor. Your party has screwed over our country. You have no idea how to extricate yourself from this mess. You have reached the end of the road. In the name of God, go.
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Why The Guardian Grovels To Murdoch

The actions this week of Guardian joint political editor Heather Stewart, where she went in to bat for the Murdoch mafiosi after Labour grassroots organisation Momentum declined to accredit Sun hacks to their The World Transformed event in Liverpool, may have surprised as many observers as they dismayed. But there is very straightforward method in this particular madness, and it is, as so often, all about money.
For so long, the Guardian lost money. Now, following rounds of staff cuts, those losses have been stemmed, but there is always the need to secure advertising revenue. And it is in bringing in the advertisers that the paper has cosied up to Murdoch. Worse, this new closer relationship has involved compromising the paper’s reporting on matters that may reflect aversely on their new pals - a blatant case of self-censorship.

As the Guardian told earlier this year, “The Guardian’s parent company has joined forces with rivals News UK and the Telegraph to create an online advertising business … The Ozone Project has been launched in response to demand from advertisers for a one-stop shop to buy digital adverts across multiple leading news sites. When it launches in the autumn it will be possible for advertisers to buy online ad space on the Guardian, the Times, the Sun, and the Telegraph from a single site”.

One Zelo Street contact put it thus: “if Ford is launching a new car, instead of dealing with THREE different advertising and display teams on THREE different titles, they just deal with one pooled team at Ozone, who will do one set of adverts, which are used across all papers. It’s called ‘programmable’ or ‘programmatic’ advertising because a computer program distributes the adverts across all of the websites, by simply ‘pressing a button.’

Neat, eh? But the consequences for the Guardian’s editorial independence have been grave. Not only did Ms Stewart do the previously unthinkable - back the Sun over a ban on its hacks in Liverpool - reporting of Murdoch wrongdoing has also been scaled back to the point where it has become all but invisible. Take, for instance, phone hacking allegations.
Earlier this year, the paper sided with the Murdochs over Leveson 2, abandoning victims of press abuse. As David Hencke put it, “The decision this week to join the rest of the press pack and welcome the demise of Leveson 2 - the inquiry which would have taken a cold hard look at how mainstream media - in particular the News of the World and the Mirror - indulged in phone hacking and other nefarious practices is profoundly disappointing”.

Independents like Byline Media are now far more likely to report the procession of claimants alleging phone hacking, blagging and other malpractice against the Sun, and indeed other Murdoch titles. The Guardian was distinctly lukewarm on the case of former Sunday Times blagger John Ford, who has now blown the whistle on his former title.

Thus the paradox of the modern-day Guardian: it has stabilised its finances for now, but in the process has joined so many others in selling out the causes it once championed. Expect more support for Murdoch hacks and less talk about The Dark Arts in future.

The cowards of Kings Place are complicit in covering up criminality. Sad but true.
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