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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Arron Banks - Wasting Police Time?

Having made the defamatory claim that Carol Cadwalladr of the Observer and Peter Jukes of Byline Media, or someone on their behalf, improperly obtained the email trove of alleged multi-millionaire Leave EU principal Arron Banks, he and his pal Andy Wigmore have now dug themselves a hole from which they seem in no hurry to extricate themselves. Indeed, Banksy and Wiggy have begun to dig themselves deeper.
This is despite Byline Media indicating legal action against Banks and Wigmore, finding that they were no longer represented by reassuringly expensive lawyers Mishcon de Reya, and the spectacle of Banks, who is supposedly worth millions, having to resort to crowdfunding his legal costs in order to contest the Byline action.
But stop digging? Wiggy was having none of it. “Update on our stolen emails. We now have evidence that they have been widely distributed to US broadcasting organisations and we know who by - the police @ASPolice @metpoliceuk @ThamesVP are investigating” he claimed dishonestly, even tagging Mishcon de Reya, even though they no longer represent him. Or has Wiggy found another shilling for the meter?
Sadly for him, the serially tenacious Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads fame knew that Wigmore’s pants were on fire. “I have been in touch with Avon & Somerset Police. They told me this alleged crime was ‘recorded by Thames Valley Police’. It's likely what Banks/[Wigmore] did was make two entirely irrelevant complaints (and one unsubstantiated one) then pretended 3 forces are investigating (a lie)” he concluded. And there was more.
Lies take seconds. Revealing truth takes time, and seasoned liars know hands of police are tied in certain respects when it comes to objecting to people alleging things in their name. I am chasing this further, but what Wigmore claims here is false, according data from @ASPolice”. What say Wiggy to that?
I think you’ll find your [sic] wrong Timmy and as if they would tell you anything - they’ve visited @Arron_banks FYI”. Which means precisely nothing. Ireland was unimpressed.
I have an email from the @ASPolice Chief Constable’s Staff Office that clearly indicates this was referred to TVP, but thanks for revealing your confidence that they would not go far as to reveal this to me or anyone else. You're playing an old game I am well familiar with”. Meanwhile, Peter Jukes called out Wigmore’s braggadocio.
I’m looking forward to talking to the police and putting to rest this interminable distracting bullshit. You and Arron were more loyal to Putin than this country and that’s the real crime”. Wiggy tried to make light of a Police investigation fizzling out, followed by a legal bill that would not help his ability to fit out that new basement at his Kensington house.
As long as you’ve done nothing wrong Pete you’ll be fine - relax”. But Wiggy and Banksy are in trouble, and Banks boasting about an upcoming press feature isn’t helping.
In an exclusive interview with the Washington Post on Monday we will be discussing , Moscow, Washington , Trump , stolen emails & hacked Material by the @guardian , fake news & the dirty political war being fought” he swaggered, which would have been more effective had he been able to punctuate it competently.

This was most helpful of him, as Byline Media’s lawyers will now have prior notice of the feature and be able to contact the WaPo accordingly. Even more stupidly, Banks has decided to double down on the defamatory accusations on email theft.
It also appears that not only were emails stolen from Isobel Oakeshott , but emails from http://Leave.EU  account after this date. We have at least one instance where a story reported by a @guardian [sic] was highly misleading using selective info” he proffered, trying to maintain a narrative that is only going to end up costing him serious money.
That, of course, will be after the Thames Valley, Avon and Somerset and Metropolitan Police forces file Banksy’s claims NFA. And already the US media is catching up with them, as an article in New York Magazine by Jonathan Chait shows.

Being gobby and hoping nobody bites back might have served Banks and Wigmore well in the past. It won’t do any more. From here is only downhill.

Julia Hartley Dooda - Oh Happy Day

Today is two years since the EU referendum, a time for Europhobes to celebrate securing a freedom that they had already, and getting back a country that they had not lost. And for increasingly desperate self-promotion artiste Julia Hartley Brewer, it is an opportunity for her to open mouth, and then clumsily insert reassuringly expensive footwear.
We know who you are, thanks

Ms Hartley Dooda wanted to tell the world of the happiness experienced by Herself Personally Now at the referendum result. She instead showed the world that when it comes to finding oneself in a hole, she’s your go-to source for ignoring Healey’s Dictum and just carrying on digging.
Happy Brexit Day, everyone! Two years on, this is still one of the happiest moments of my life” she trilled. Yes, all those people losing their jobs, living standards about to go down the chute, economic growth soon to stagnate, but She’s All Right Jack.
Adam Boulton of Sky News (first for breaking wind) was distinctly underwhelmed by the idea, responding “Wherever you stand on #Brexit that is pretty tragic”. One other Tweter asked “what about when your child was born?
At this point, Ms Hartley Dooda could, and should, have got out while the going was not so bad. But she was too important to merely concede that she might have fouled up. “I didn’t say it was THE best day - just one of them. Is reading a problem for you?” she retorted, managing to change “happiest” to “best” and set Twitter off again.
And she knew who was at fault here - REMOANERS! “Some Remoaners seem to be struggling with the concept of someone having more than ONE ‘happiest moment in their lives’. I have been lucky enough to have HUNDREDS in my life. This is *one* of them. I hope that’s not too complicated for their Brussels-fuddled brains to cope with”.
With that, she engaged full superior elitist mode and proclaimed “The happiest moments in my life include: Birth of my daughter … Wedding day … My hubby proposing … Births of my younger siblings … Scuba diving with a whale shark … Cage diving with great white sharks … Dawn at Machu Picchu … Tropical storm at Angkor Wat … Walking on a glacier in Chile & Brexit”. DAHLING! I’ve done it ALL! Me Me Meeeeeeee!
She had done so much that she kept on digging and came back for afters. “Oh yeah, and zip lining down that volcano in Costa Rica, watching my daughter sing a solo in her school play, getting my A levels, listening to my husband read bedtime stories to my daughter, waterfights on the beach in Cornwall, getting my first journo job, the list goes on”.
One Tweeter pointed out that this was just a teensy bit elitist. Off went Ms Hartley Dooda once more. “God, these #FBPE people are so miserable, aren’t they?” Speak for yourself.
So she hasn't done the birthplace of pizza in Naples, seen the Secession building in Vienna, climbed to the viewing deck of the Novy Most in Bratislava, seen where JFK gave his “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech, strolled the streets of Segovia, walked the beach where they filmed OHMSS, eaten deep fried artichoke in Rome, strolled Paris’ Jardins du Luxembourg, walked on the Grossglockner glacier, and looked out at dusk over Lisbon from the Santa Justa Tower. So she’s right to conclude “It has, truly, been a shit life”.

Après Airbus, Le Déluge

After yesterday’s announcement from Airbus that a no-deal Brexit would likely see the firm leave the UK, the panic button was duly pressed by Brexiteers in Parliament and the press. EU-hating MPs claimed that companies were being egged on by those rotten Remainers, ahead of a cabinet meeting on future customs arrangements. And our free and fearless press rushed to stiffen the resolve of wavering voters.
Propaganda ...

So it was that the joke newspaper that is the Express told readers of “OUR FANTASTIC FUTURE OUT OF EU … and we can leave EU without a deal”, having secured an interview with David Davis, who may have been sober at the time. Meanwhile, the Murdoch Sun’s non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn had been taking dictation from London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.
... pointless bluster ...

Bozza had warned Theresa May not to deliver a “BOG ROLL BREXIT”, and instead commanded that we should instead have a “Full British Brexit”, another utterly meaningless soundbite that does nothing to counter the gathering gloom, which was hinted at by the i paper telling “BMW joins Airbus in Brexit jobs warning”.
... and reality

And that is what the press cannot stop its readers hearing: firms lining up to follow Airbus in telling the hapless Tories that if they don’t stop screwing around, there will be job losses, and tens of thousands of them. Yesterday it was Airbus, employing 14,000 directly in the UK, with 110,000 more jobs dependent on the company.

Then came BMW, which manufactures Rolls-Royce cars here, but mainly is the custodian of the Mini marque. As the BBC has reported, “BMW UK boss Ian Robertson says clarity is needed by the end of the summer. BMW makes the Mini and Rolls Royce and employs about 8,000 people in the UK”. Plus more jobs dependent on BMW.
Airbus flying off into a sunset not near the UK ...

Could it get worse? It certainly could. “The UK should should remain in the customs union after Brexit unless there is a proper alternative, the boss of Siemens UK has said. Jürgen Maier … told Reuters a ‘no deal’ scenario ‘doesn't look very good’”. Siemens employs 15,000 people in the UK. And there was yet worse news.

As the FT has told, “John Neill, chief executive of Unipart, a car parts supplier that employs 6,000 people in Britain, said frictionless supply chains were crucial for all businesses in the UK … [adding] ‘The implications for the British economy [of a “no deal” Brexit] are very, very severe and could result in busloads of jobs disappearing into Europe’”. See that? Another 6,000 jobs at risk.
... Mini heading off to mainland Europe

Plus the bad news wasn’t over. “Tom Crotty, group director at Ineos, the giant petrochemicals group, said several companies were putting investment decisions on hold because of Brexit uncertainty: ‘The government is relatively paralysed … it is not good for the country.’Ineos employs around 18,500 people.

All of those organisations support tens of thousands more jobs in local economies around the UK - companies which don’t trade with the EU, but … you figure it out.

The Brexit enthusiasts promised us the earth. Now that everyone can see they lied, it may already be too late. The new Guilty Men have made their mark.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Daily Mail Says Migrants Caused Brexit

After the news from Airbus, there was only going to be one course of action for many in and around our free and fearless press: any idea of taking the blame for all that brown smelly stuff that was about to interface violently with the rotating air-circulation device was totally out of the question, but blaming all those rotten foreigners for it was not.
So it was that the Dacre doggies at the Daily Mail brought us a Peak Brexit™ conflation of xenophobia, bigotry, hatred and incitement as it screamed3.8 MILLION EU MIGRANTS ALLOWED TO STAY HERE … That’s 600,000 more than estimated - and they can bring their families”. We’re going to be overrun by Scary Muslims™ - and anywhere that isn’t, well, it’ll be overrun by other people who talk foreign.

This is the green light for the Wall of Gammon™ to indulge in hate speech, and much worse, against anyone born outside the UK, and especially when the jobs start to be shipped out to mainland Europe. This is confirmed when readers are told “Any EU migrant who has lived in Britain lawfully for at least five years will be granted this ‘settled status’ – giving them full access to schools, hospitals, pensions and benefits”.

Aaarghh! They’re all going to get benefits! And pensions! That means they’re taking OUR BENEFITS and OUR PENSIONS! And it gets worse: “However, international criminal record checks will not be routinely carried out, meaning violent criminals could get the right to live here”. They’re all violent criminals! They’re going to kill us!

And worse. “Even if an EU citizen has a criminal record in Britain, they might not be considered for deportation … Officials said that if an offence such as rape had been committed many years ago, it might not meet the threshold to deport someone”. They’re all criminals, and we can’t get rid of them!
Why the f*** should I take the blame for all those c***s thrown out of work after f***ing Brexit, c***?!?!?

And worse still: “Successful applicants will also get the right to bring their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, children and partners to join them - even if they are not EU nationals”. Not EU nationals? So they might be … MORE SCARY MUSLIMS! From Turkey! And Syria! And Iraq! And Iran! And Afghanistan! And Pakistan! We’re going to be overrun! What happened to that fairytale Brexit land with no brown people?

That this article is designed to prey on the minds of the easily led was confirmed by narrative such as “Officials revealed they were planning for 3.8 million applications – about 600,000 more than previously expected. It is because officials do not know exactly how many EU migrants are living here”. Aaarghh! We’ve been overrun already!

And don’t forget, just in case Mail readers were not frightened enough, “Applicants’ names will be screened against only UK police and security databases, unless there is ‘good cause’ to suspect a person has a hidden criminal history abroad. It raises the prospect that dangerous EU criminals - including killers, rapists and drug lords - will not be identified when they apply for the right to live here permanently”. Killers! Rapists! Drug lords!

All that was then needed was quotes from Philip Davies and Migration Watch. The Mail has now moved on to hammering home that migrants have caused everything bad about Brexit. But remember folks, this is just free speech and Paul Dacre having that conversation with his readers. So move along, nothing to see here.

Airbus And Brexit - We Have To Talk

[Update at end of post]

It has happened. After all the deniable job losses - financial services to Frankfurt and other European centres, Land Rover Discovery to Slovakia, for instance - has come one great big wake-up call to the Brexiteers. Airbus, which employs 14,000 people directly in the UK, principally at Filton, near Bristol, and Broughton, in north-east Wales, and supports 110,000 further jobs, has warned a no-deal Brexit will see it leave the UK.
According to the BBC, “The European planemaker said the warning was not part of ‘project fear’, but its ‘dawning reality’”, also telling “Last week, the outgoing president of the CBI said sections of UK industry faced extinction unless the UK stayed in the EU customs union”. Looks like the CBI was right. And there is more.
The customs union “brings together the EU's 28 members in a duty-free area, with a common import tariff for non-EU goods … Prime Minister Theresa May has ruled out staying in the customs union. The UK is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019 … The UK government is considering two other options … Michel Barnier, the EU's Brexit negotiator, has said that both options are unrealistic”. And the result of this?
While Theresa May and her pals are fartarsing about, businesses are looking at the looming timescale, assessing the ability of the Government to get its collective heads out from up its arses, and concluding that the only way is across the North Sea from Essex.
And what Airbus has done is to present a statement of reality, no more, no less - with the sure and certain knowledge that if they up sticks, many more companies will follow.
So what has been the reaction from all those who said it wasn’t going to happen? How are all the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Kool-Aid drinkers promoting “Global Britain” and “Freedom” reacting to the chill wind of the real world this morning?
Tory MP Stephen Crabb says this news is “A wake-up call”. Jonathan Lis had little time for that, reminding him “Which is why Crabb voted against the single market, customs union and a meaningful vote to prevent a no-deal”.
Anna Soubry was more forthright: “#Airbus is far from alone raising v real & serious concerns about lack of clarity from Govt about our future trading relationship w #EU As a former Bis Minister this is verging on a dereliction of duty from a Government & party that has always traditionally been party of business”. If only she’d been a real rebel.
Tory MP George Freeman declared the news “Seriously worrying” and claimed he would be “seeking urgent reassurances from Cabinet ministers”. Steve Peers told him where he got off: “Airbus had to warn of the threat posed by a ‘no deal’ outcome precisely because you and your ‘rebel’ colleagues failed to take sufficient steps to prevent it. If jobs are lost you will not escape your major share of the responsibility with ‘crocodile tears’ tweets”.
Freeman also garnered Nul Points from David Allen Green: “‘I didn't realise businesses would prepare for “no deal”,’ sobs MP who voted for amendment providing that government could keep 'no deal' as an option”. Quite.
Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian considered the sheer idiocy of it all: “‘The company directly employs 14,000 and supports a further 110,000 jobs in the UK.’ Still, we must keep jumping off this cliff. It’s the will of the people”.
The ever-reliable Faisal Islam of Sky News (see his full thread on Airbus HERE) put it directly: “Airbus on ‘severe disruption/ unrecoverable delays/ billions in lost turnover’ sign of disbelief of exasperated businesses on direction of travel on Brexit, finally going public, not with threats, but with logical consequences of political choices”. It’s not a threat.
Meanwhile, Tom Jamieson looked on the bright side of that Times front page: “Peak Brexit front page - yes your high skilled engineering job might be disappearing but on the bright side you'll have a right old laugh out in the fields all day picking fruit”.
And then came those pretending it wasn’t really happening. Now, Zelo Street does not often venture into the realm of what the official BBC announcer calls Very Strong Language, but the counter spin was sheer, unadulterated fuckwittery. And Primus Inter Pares when it comes to being a fuckwit is Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies, who has called the Airbus announcement a “threat” and told “Clearly Airbus is an important company to the United Kingdom and to Wales - but it’s worth remembering that it’s the dynamic highly skilled UK workforce that has made Airbus the success it has become”.
Stuff all use blustering about that when 124,000 jobs are about to pile off across the Channel, is it, numb nuts? Former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage had also sunk to the Davies level: “Hardly surprising Airbus are threatening us today when they've taken billions in EU funding”. Like he gives a shit when he’s in the USA courting the  alt-right and the management of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).
And the pinnacle of Airbus fuckwit counter spin came from the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, who have proclaimedAirbus Fearmongering” and carped “This is Project Fear 2.0 from big business and a Remoan comic”. Wrong, clowns, it’s what is going to happen if we carry on over the cliff edge.

Today, we have seen the future of the UK outside the EU. We have also seen the inability of many of those here today and gone tomorrow politicians to face up to that prospect honestly and openly. And we have seen just what the most enthusiastic Brexit proponents are really like. But the worst thing is - we were warned, and many just waved it away.

Airbus has told us that Shit Just Got Real. Sadly, the politicians and pundits haven’t.

[UPDATE 1545 hours: to illustrate the delusion and denial among those happy Brexiteers, Tory MEP David Campbell Bannerman has brought forth a particularly stupid suggestion.
"Frankly I think if [Airbus] did try to leave the UK under a 'no-deal scenario' (which would attract legal compensation anyway) we should consider nationalising the UK company, create a new UK defence & civil company then privatise that as one". Ri-i-i-ight.

There wouldn't be any "legal compensation". There would be nothing to nationalise. There would be no market for such a company. So there would be next to nothing to sell off afterwards, and therefore no point in the exercise.

Thus the desperation and idiocy of those unable to accept the reality of Brexit. No surprise there]


We know of the lawbreaking antics of Leave EU, which comedy millionaire Arron Banks is still trying to bluff his way out of. And we know that Vote Leave indulged in all manner of questionable activities. What we now know in addition to all that is that Vote Leave also broke the law. And what should concern all who care about this country’s democracy is that the BBC is trying to spin the news as if it were nothing of much import.
That the news was coming was known last week, when Jolyon Maugham at the Good Law Project asked “Has Vote Leave broken the law?” before telling “The Electoral Commission thinks so”. There was more: “We know that the Electoral Commission reopened its investigation into Vote Leave, Darren Grimes and Veterans for Britain after the Good Law Project initiated judicial review proceedings”. So what did they find?
Dominic Cummings - contempt for Parliament

We can tell, from the reference to ‘in accordance with statute they have 28 days’, that the Electoral Commission is satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Vote Leave, Darren Grimes and Veterans for Britain have broken the law”. Maugham notes “if you win an election in breach of the rules, if you win it by cheating, then you cannot be said to have been democratically elected”. The corollary is in the realm of the bleeding obvious.
Laura Kuenssberg - is she spinning?

Fast forward eight days, and Beeb political editor Laura Kuenssberg has told “Watchdog expected to find Vote Leave broke rules”. Only “rules”. Not “law”. Nothing to see here, it’s only a little rule breaking. Not lawbreaking, which would be rather more serious. At which point one has to ask from whom Ms Kuenssberg has been getting her talking points.
Take this part of her report: “The latest investigation comes after allegations were made by the whistleblowers Christopher Wylie and Shahmir Sanni that the official Brexit campaign broke the law by colluding with a smaller group, BeLeave … It is understood that the commission did consider this new evidence, but it is not thought that the new information was decisive in proving a breach of the law”. See, no lawbreaking at all!
Why this matters, and why suspicions have been raised as to who Ms Kuenssberg has been talking to, has been set out by the Observer’s Carole Cadwalladr. “New from BBC: ‘Watchdog expected to find Vote Leave broke rules.’ And misleading from BBC. Because, they’re not ‘rules’ they’re ‘laws’. Let me help you here: ‘Watchdog expected to find Vote Leave broke LAW’”. Correctamundo. And there was more.
They’re LAWS. Rules are what schools have. They’re laws which are the foundation of our entire electoral system. And this is an investigation into major electoral fraud directed by Theresa May’s special advisor & overseen by 2 cabinet ministers, so it’s a pretty important point … But do remember it's @theresa_may's advisor, Stephen Parkinson, who oversaw this - the biggest overspending scheme in British history. And that we've now established that @Nigel_Farage's Leave campaign lied about [their relationship] with [the] Kremlin. & there's no investigation into this. Nothing”.

Did Laura Kuenssberg just take Vote Leave damage limitation spin and serve it up as if it were reality? Vote Leave have been caught breaking the law. The BBC owes it to all of us to relay that fact, free from the spin of the culprits. So let’s hope that’s what they’ve done.